Cool, Calm and Collected: CBD Oil Melts Away Anxiety

March 9, 2018

Recently I decided to give Bio Naturals CBD Hemp Oil a try. I’d heard people talk about it’s benefits for pain management which is what initially piqued my interest, but I was pleased to discover the calming effect this oil had on me. I consistently took the oil for 5 days, so I’ll walk you through the progression:

Day 1: I started with about half a dropper. Since this was new to me, I wanted to test the dosage and see what the effects were based on the amount I consumed. Within 60 seconds, I started to feel a calming effect. That wasn’t what I was looking for right out of the gate, so I brushed it off and focused on pain management. Half a dropper didn’t do much in terms of managing pain but the calming effect was immediately obvious.

Day 2: Dosage increased to a full dropper. Once I increased my dosage, I started noticing a bit more oomph from the oil. The calming effect was the most noticeable thing. I didn’t feel like there was a big difference in pain, but I definitely focused on it less.

Day 3: I increased the dosage again. One full dropper in the morning and one full dropper in the evening. I pretty much stayed cool as a cucumber all day long. I still had a bit of neck and shoulder pain, but it was less than my normal. On day 3, I decided that I was a fan of Bio Naturals CBD Hemp Oil.

Day 4: I dropped my dosage back down to a single full dropper and I waited until around 5 PM to take it. I like to be really energetic and on top of things throughout my day, so I saved the oil for when I wanted to start winding down.

Day 5: Full dropper of CBD Hemp Oil + Coffee in the morning… not my favorite combo. I went back to the morning dosage on this day because I had an in person audition for a CW show and my nerves were on high alert. Mixing it with coffee may have been where I went wrong though. All in all, I felt like I was more relaxed in the audition than I had been in previous auditions, so maybe I’ve found my secret weapon to combat nerves. 🙂

After my week of taking the oil, I decided that I’m a fan. It’s a great way to manage anxiety and minimize pain. For me, that’s a win.

Bio Naturals CBD Oil



What is CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a natural cannabis component of the hemp plant with multiple medical benefits, without making you feel “high” like marijuana or the THC in marijuana.

So, basically it’s Mary Jane’s long lost cousin. It doesn’t have the negative side effects of marijuana, it won’t stink up your house or piss off your neighbors. It’s a natural alternative to pain or anxiety medication and costs less than $40 per bottle.

In order to achieve maximum benefits, put the oil under your tongue and hold it for 60 seconds then swallow.




Have you ever tried CBD Hemp Oil? Are you thinking about trying it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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