Closet Cleanup: 5 Tips for Cleaning out Your Closet

October 10, 2018

You know how it goes, the seasons start to change and your wardrobe needs to change with it. If you’re like me and don’t like clutter, then a seasonal closet purge can be just the ticket to find peace of mind.

So the day comes when you’re set to do the big clean and all of a sudden you lose your excitement. You’re faced with the daunting task of making ruthless cuts and eliminating some of those tried and true pieces that have been shown a little too much love (like my 10 year old black pumps that just made it to the trash can). So I’m here to help ya make this process a bit more simplistic. Here ya go!


Before you start this process, you should prep by thinking ahead about how you will be storing things moving forward and how you want your closet to flow. Invest in slim, space saving hangers, storage boxes, closet organizers or anything else you may need to make your closet more organized in the end.


Everything is more fun when you have friends involved. Amirite?!? Friends can be objective about what gets cut and what gets to stay because they have no attachments to what’s hanging in your closet.

They can also bring wine and make it a party, which is always fun. *happy dance*

Your closet purge friend could double as a shopping partner for when you’re ready to replace some of the items you got rid of during the purge.


Clearing the excess from your closet can’t be accomplished without first knowing what your needs are. You’ll want to establish what you need in terms of wardrobe essentials. This includes work clothes, workout clothes, event clothing, etc. If you like to go to a lot of social events that require fancy dresses, make sure you keep a few fabulous items that you can wear to those events. 


I’m an organizational nazi. Well, I’m not really a nazi, but more like a ninja…. or maybe a savant of categorizing things. So basically, organized categories make me very happy! When you apply this to your closet purge, things get really simplified. You make a decision about an item, toss it into a category then walk away. If you need help with your categories, you can steal mine.

  • Keep – These are the items that still fit perfectly, or have serious sentimental value like a vintage designer handbag or a piece of jewelry from your late grandma… not an old dirty tee that your ex boyfriend left behind.
  • Consign/Donate – This category is for those items that are still in good condition but they just don’t fit your style anymore or they don’t fit your body the way they should. I consign my items on Poshmark. It’s really simple to use but it can take some time for items to sell. If you want to get rid of them quickly, find a local consignment shop so you can get them out of your closet.
  • Toss – These are the items that have been loved a little too much and deserve to be sent into retirement. It’s a mercy kill. Just do it.
  • Alterations – Some items are still going to be able to go the distance with you but they may not fit perfectly, so they get their own special category. For example: a pair of pants that is slightly too loose in the waist and can be taken in a few inches so they fit again. **It is NOT worth it to completely remake an item just because you like the fabric. Alterations can get very expensive and sometimes cost you more than the garment itself. Use this category sparingly.**

Starting with your “keep” category, organize everything you’re keeping in a way that makes the most sense. I like to section out items so all of my all of my pants are in one place, skirts in another, blouses, and so on. This way, when I go to find something specific, I know exactly where it’s at.

Sell the items that have some life left in them and donate or trash the things that need to be retired.

Ok, good luck in your closet purge! Cheers to organization!

xoxo, Lesa

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