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4 Simple Stretches to Energize your Morning

February 8, 2018

A flexible spine is a healthy spine… If you’re anything like me, the struggle with morning back pain can sometimes be overwhelming. I, like many others, suffer from a nasty case of scoliosis, so stretching every single day is a necessity to keep the muscles loose.

Yoga helps tremendously with back pain. Holding the poses and breathing deeply into them allows you to fall deeper into the stretch. This builds flexibility and overall healthy body function. Stretching isn’t just for yoga class though. You should be doing it every single day. Here are 4 simple stretches you can do to jump start your day. Take 10 minutes to go through this sequence each morning and breathe in the goodness. Your body will thank you.


Cat Cow is a classic yoga favorite. It helps stretch the vertebra in your spine, decompresses your thoracic, and lumbar areas while stretching your tail bone. It also assists with healthy nerve function.

The Cow position expands your diaphragm allowing for better breathing and digestion, not to mention it feels really good. Winning!


The hamstring stretch helps to relieve pain in the lower back by stretching your glutes.

With toes in the flexed position, it stretches the area behind the knees. This relieves knee pain and tightness. When in a pointed position, it stretches the attachment to your glutes. You are also stretching your calves, the arches of your feet and promoting mobility in your lower lumbar.


I love this stretch! It stretches your triceps, the sub scapula and the intercostals which will promote better breathing. You’re also stretching your shoulder, lower thorasic and lumbar spine. When performing this stretch, be sure to breathe from your diaphragm. 


The back stretch is so important! You’re stretching your lumbar and glutes, but more importantly, you’re stretching your piriformis which connects to your tailbone which can the source of a lot of lower back pain.

When performing this stretch, contract and release your glutes for a better stretch.

Ahhh! I feel better already! Thanks for joining me for some morning stretches. Do you have any favorite stretches you like to incorporate into your day? If so, leave it in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your routines.

XOXO, Lesa

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